About Us,

About the Riverside Public Library Foundation

In 1997, The Foundation was created by visionary Library supporters.


The Riverside Public Library Foundation raises funds to ensure the excellence of library services for Riverside Residents. 

Annual Report

See our annual report:

Success Stories

Here are just some of the ways our donors have helped us fulfill our mission:

  • Raised approximately $200,000 for the new Orange Terrace Library.
  • On-Line Homework Help for Riverside Students
  • The READy-Set-Go Storymobile
  • Story Time Kits for Daycare Providers
  • Furnishings & Artwork for the Casa Blanca Family Learning Center
  • Computers for the Eastside Cybrary
  • Best Sellers & Children's Books
  • A Special Collection of Martin Luther King Materials
  • Affordable Computer Buying Program For Low Income Students & Their Families
  • A Refurbished Downtown Library Auditorium
  • Veterans' Oral History Project